Apprenticeship for the Needy Foundation (ANF) is a Non-Governmental Organization formed in May, 2017 with its core value as cooperation and interdependence to lessen unemployment and the level of poverty in the deprived areas. The organization seeks to assist in erasing teenage pregnancy, early marriage, slavery, child labour and armed robbery in the deprived areas. ANF also seeks to help the deprived youth and people with disability to establish their own profession by providing them with financial support and equiptments/tools.


To provide adequate needs to the deprived youth and people with disability who wants to become artisans to enable them to cultivate self-reliance in the poorest communities in Eastern Region, Ghana


To give employment to individuals and families to enable them realize their full potential in the community.


Core Value

In pursuing its vision and mission, the organization shall be guided by the following core value:

Cooperation and Interdependence



Learning through Assistance