My name is Mary Darkwa. I am nineteen (19) years old. I am from Osiem in the Eastern Region but I stay at Nkurakan with my mother and my siblings. I dropped out from school when I was in Junior High School (JHS) two (2) due to my pregnancy. My parents got divorced and  mother struggled to take care of us alone and that contributed to my early pregnancy.

I  explained my situation to the Apprenticeship for the Needy Foundation team when they visited my village and they agreed to help me. They asked me if I can get somebody to take care of my child while they help me go through my apprenticeship.  My mother settled to take care of my child to enable me go through my apprenticeship. I expressed interest in becoming a seamstress.

Apprenticeship for the needy however  bought me a sewing machine and paid for  my apprenticeship  fees. I am currently undergoing my training. May God richly bless them and replenish what ever cash they spent on me. I am most grateful.

Mary Darkwa with her Trainer (Madam Akoo)