My name is Blessing Fori. I am 22 years old from Afloa in the Volta Region of Ghana but I stay at Obomaa –Koforidua in the Eastern Region. I have five (5) siblings which I am the first born. I dropped out from school when I was in primary six (6) due to financial problems.

Mrs. Crentsil and her team came to my church to interviewed applicants (youth) who were  willing to go through apprenticeship but lacked financial support. I got the chance to talk to them and explained to them that I have the passion in tailoring and decoration, but due to financial difficulties, I  decided to sell eggs to raise money for my apprenticeship fees. I engaged myself in this menial job for close to two years but since I was the only breadwinner for  my five (5) siblings, I was not able to raise the  apprenticeship fees. Apprenticeship for the Needy Foundation promised to help me with the apprenticeship fee, feeding fee and pay for all the items required.

I have now started my apprenticeship and I am really happy. What I like about Apprenticeship for the Needy Foundation is that, they allow the applicants to choose their preferred training center.

Blessing Foli with her Trainer (Madam Awo)

Thanks to Apprenticeship for the Needy Foundation